Comix Maker
With this app you can add comic balloons to your pictures. Be creative and tell your story.
Share your creations with your friends. You can send it by e-mail, MMS or upload it to Picassa, Facebook or Twitter.
Available in Android Market
Comix Maker Demo
This is a free version of Comix Maker.
All features are available but there are restrictions when it comes to sharing. Available in Android Market

This is the old time classic. Try to catch as many eggs as you can.
This game is free!
Available in Android Market

Mind Arena
Mind Arena is a competitive logic game. The objective is to capture the energy represented by a glowing ball. It can be achieved by moving it around until it will reach the player's head. The player who gets the energy first, wins the game.
- Number of tactics can be used to win.
- Multiple arenas to choose from.
- Play with computer AI or with a friend.
Step into the Mind Arena and prove yourself! Available in Android Market
Mind Arena Lite
Mind Arena Lite is a free version of Mind Arena.
It should give you a taste of how it is to step into the arena. Try it first if you think the full version may be too addictive. Available in Android Market